Daily Joypad Hands On Preview - Searching for Lightning with FF XIII-2

If there’s one thing that is painfully obvious when giving Final Fantasy XIII-2 a play, it’s that the developers are definitely listening to the criticisms that players of Final Fantasy XIII had. Whilst still critically acclaimed, Final Fantasy XIII got its fair share of flak from long time Final Fantasy players who thought the game diverged far too much from the classic formula. So what exactly have Square Enix been up to with this direct sequel?

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dc12571d ago

Good to hear!
Reviewer did a good job with pulling out the nuances with the demo.

Im in the middle of (belive it) enjoying the post game play of FF13 ( By far the best component of FF13)

Looking forward to 13-2.

BigDollarZoe9542571d ago

Cant Wait this game is Looking To Be Something Great