GTA IV delayed again ?

Source: A daisy-chain of blog entries, forum posts, and news reports that stem back to a piece on British industry site

What Gamespot has heard: On the morning of August 2, eager gamers were still saving their pennies so they could pick up Grand Theft Auto IV on October 16. However, by the afternoon, the same would-be virtual carjackers were aghast upon hearing Grand Theft Auto IV had been pushed back until the second quarter of 2008.

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Hydrollex4051d ago

I prefer Delay instead of playing Sh**y game !

Einherjaren4051d ago

Totally worth waiting a couple months to get an awesome gaming experience!

AzaziL4051d ago

Yea but what if the delay doesn't produce, what if the game still ends up to be a disappointment? This would become a catastrophic failure if the game gets delayed more and doesn't come out as the best game ever.

Danja4051d ago

When Rockstar says it is then i'll believe ..who cares ne ways..GTA:4..isn't as important of a title as it would have been if released this year....still looking forward to playing it though

C_SoL4051d ago

this is a must have for every gamer..

Jdash244051d ago

i hope not..........dont get me wrong.....i want this game to be the best it could possibly be and i know rockstar will take the time to make it that, but im just impatient, i want it now

jackdoe4051d ago

I wouldn't be too surprised if it did. For a Q1 2008 release, they didn't have a freaking demo out for the general public to view. MGS 4 was pushed back to Q2 2008 and even then, a demo appeared at trade shows for the public to play.

Einherjaren4051d ago

When have you EVER played a GTA demo???!
Take2 & Rockstar knows their product delivers gold and they won't submit any demo this time either!!

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The story is too old to be commented.