The top 100 games in the world – part 1 (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "Back for another year, the BeefJack Top 100 is a little different to others you might see. These are our favourite 100 games in the world – but not necessarily the best. Our team has selected these games based what they mean to us, how fondly we recall them, and how eager we are to play them again right this second. We hope you enjoy this year’s list – don’t forget to argue with us in the comments!"

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handheldwars22611d ago

#1 will be either Super Mario Bros or Ocarina of Time. No other game deserves the spot imho.

megalonagyix2611d ago

Matter of preference. Deus Ex would be 1# for me. Half-Life, QUAKE, Morrowind, Uncharted and MGS deserved to be in top ten.

omi25p2611d ago

if #1 is given to a game that has revolutionised the gaming industry it should be Grand Theft Auto III. But if its given just on gameplay it should be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

CrescentFang2611d ago

Hm, I'm playing Catherine and replaying God Hand... they both better be on the list lol

TXIDarkAvenger2611d ago

Ocarina of Time for sure is #1.

Halo, Half-life, QUAKE, Uncharted, MGS, Mass Effect are good games but they don't match up to Ocarina of Time, though some of those titles could easily make it to the top 10.