Studio has confirmed to Develop, PS Vita dev kits given for free.

Apple and Microsoft 'unresponsive', says Rubicon, but Sony 'is engaged with mobile devs' ...

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ksense2547d ago

free dev kits equals more great games. this is awesome news if it happens

sinncross2547d ago

Indeed. Im interested to see wat support ps suite gets

egidem2547d ago

You know, this is the kind of good news that brings a smile on me face. To see a large company such as Sony showing interest in such a small entity like these developers. This again, shows that Sony is really making the right moves supporting the PSV with software at the same time how they behave towards the Indie community/small time developers, giving them more trust in Sony, unlike some other companies.

Apple recently introduced a new policy in how they publish and control books sold on their iSteveJobsIsLord devices; in such a way that Apple is the only one that makes a profit on all books sold. Before you could sell your books directly to the customer from your website by providing a link inside your app. Now Apple no longer wants that. They've forced people to remove these links and if you don't, they want a 30% cut on EVERY BOOK YOU SELL. This pissed off (and forced to close) some independent devs such as Dennis Morin and his iFlow reader app which took him months of work and so much of his money invested in the app, and Apple decides to suddenly change the rules. Not a good way to support small time devs!
Link: http://www.tabletmonsters.c...

It's good to see Sony provide such good feedback to these devs as from my point of view, Sony is the company taking new risks with new IPs more than the other large 'green one'. Games such as Heavy Rain just prove that.

miyamoto2546d ago

This is a breath of fresh air for the homebrew community as well. Sony is now opening its doors to make business with hackers and pirates in a good way. An open source OS platform like Android means limitless apps, customization, & options the software makers can bring to the table. PS Vita will be an even playing field for big devs and small devs alike.

Sony is now offering the freedom many people are wanting on the PlayStation platform.

Goozex2547d ago

more games the better for me. I have already pre ordered but i wanna know when i can get my little hands on the device. please sony release a confirmed street date.

pain777pas2547d ago

Is there an echo in here? Well here is yours Matt801. I'm in the same spot. Sony let us know when we get to game on this beast.

MasterCornholio2547d ago

If theres one thing the Vita wont lack and thats great games. Good to see that sony is supporting garage devs. This is something that i suggest Nintendo do as well. Because many times small studios can produce great titles. And even if they produce a crappy one no one will force you to buy it.

f7897902547d ago

There is the downside of a crappy game crowding out a good one.

RevXM2547d ago

The PS store on ps3 got preview videos, a description and star rating. should give you a general idea about a game.

Id love a couple indie and mini games on PSV, and a pinball game would be instant buy!
But what sells me is the full console experience titles.

maddfoxx2547d ago

I can see how this could be a good thing, but I'm pretty sure this would result in more shovel-ware for the vita.

ehandlr2547d ago

Name one front running console/handheld that didn't have the most shovelware of that generation. Shovelware is a product of an industry leader statistically.

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The story is too old to be commented.