FIFA 12: scenes from the game with news commentators in the video

The English version of FIFA 12's commentary by Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. In a fresh new video shows scenes of FIFA 12. Commentator Martin Tyler in FIFA 12 gets a new partner, Alan Smith replaced Andy Gray. The commentator in version ...

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zootang2610d ago

I hate Alan Smith he is always so obviously biased towards Arsenal, his old club.

Anderson82610d ago

why wouldnt he be...its his old club

hes not as good as andy gray though

Ares842610d ago

FIFA is pretty cool but I usually wait 4-5 years between each FIFA game because year-by-year there isn't much change but 4-5 years appart and you notice the difference. So next one I get will be FIFA 13

TruthBTold2610d ago

There have been some good leaps from 09. I had 08 but did not buy until 10 and the 11 and I'm looking forward to 12 as well. Not sure how much you play but I put hundreds of hours if I haven't already passed a thousand on fifa every year so minor changes to me are. Worth moving up on the new version but that might be just me or others who put as many hours into this game.

HxCGamer2610d ago

i agree

with truthbtold

me and all my cousins play FIFA like there is no tomorrow so we all buy FIFA yearly

I have easily put over 500 hours on it easily

so sixty dollars for 500 hours of fun is a deal to me

I still play every other game that comes out that is rated high but to me FIFA has infinite replayability

AKA2609d ago

PES12 is back on track not perfect but better it fells like playing futbol... most of the part PES11 did still needs alot of improvements that i hope PES12 will fix!!!

FIFA11 was still wird did not have that real soccer felling and you could not control the game the game plays for itself most of the parts and FIFA12 will have the same wird lifeless felling that a real soccer lover will understand...

AKA2608d ago

from were i come!!
uff why the nerd have to be soo specific futbol soccer football is all the same w/e