Are Gamers The Stupidest Consumers Alive?

Apparently so. You might think that in today's world, where everything for sale has a review, that a crap product would not sell so well on a massive scale. Well, gamers, congratulations. We seem to have no idea what the hell we're doing.

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Pikajew2489d ago

Fanboys are the stupidest consumers alive

Buzz7S2489d ago

I take it you refer to the Call of Duty community? The ones that complain about certain perks and add-ons, yet they continue to play the game anyway?


metsgaming2489d ago

i like how the author showed that it sold just shy of 15k from COD and asks if the Cartel deserves that "distinction". Why dont you question why COD gets huge numbers they release the same junk over and over and people still buy it but the cartel sold close to it and thats a joke but COD sales arent. ok

manman62489d ago

It is not just gamers it is all consumers. You have your stupid ones, smart one, and confused one.

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omi25p2489d ago

Apple fans are the stupidest consumers alive.

chidori6662489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Zelda fanboys are the worst...

usually fanboys dont bother...its really harmless, and most of it is self contained...

but Zelda fanatics are whole other story dude.

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AdmiralSnake2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

No.... I believe that would be Steve Jobs Apple fanatics...

egidem2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

You mean the hipsters and the sheep who think Stevie is Lord? True. They are convinced, DETERMINED to support Apple because they believe it's the best.

A friend of mine recently dropped $2799.99 on a 17" Macbook pro as she was going back to school. I thought that it was for some heavy work like graphic design/animation purposes, turns out it was just for simple stuff such as taking notes and web design. She was convinced that her new laptop wouldn't get viruses, crash and that it was the best because it was made by Apple. I was stunned at such foolish determination she had. Took her to best buy, showed her a PC laptop with similar configs, with a blu ray player, AAND a free Xbox 360 comes with it, all for $1000. She still said NO, and that she made the most reasonable purchase because it is the best!!

I don't care how happy she thinks she is. Truth of the matter is she'll sit in her classroom working on that overpriced laptop and everyone around her will know that she had been ripped off badly.

kreate2489d ago

someone going to steal it from her at her school and it'll show up on craigslist.

egidem2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

It's just a matter of time before she realizes the truth.

Solid_Snake-2489d ago

that is sooooo ture.

bubble for you.

fatstarr2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Yes the title goes to all apple of apples user base.

the cult that they have become smh.

Brainwash and buy buy buy and convert others thats why apples becoming so big now. if they get into videogames it will be like angry birds lol i hope that future never comes.

NuclearDuke2489d ago

I have purchased an iPhone 3GS. I will purchase the next iPhone available, simply because it offers me the precise service that I seek. Others purchase Macbooks, iPads and other Apple products because its a product that they seek, simply put: you purchase what you need.

I would never purchase a Macbook, as they do not provide me with the service I need in my everyday.

Apple consumers aren't brainwashed or have become a cult - they purchase a product that takes care of their needs.

To be honest, gamers aren't the brightest. People praise The Witcher II, even though it had some of the worst controls in any RPG released after the year of 2000. Reviewers year after year spew out reviews of games that in no way deserve their score, simply because they either look pretty or are innovative. Another reason would be incentitives given by game publishers as we have heard of before, but mostly because they have either good graphics or some innovative game mechanic.

There seem to lack criticism amongst game reviewers and that hurts the average consumer, by being lied to over and over again by people who consumers think are "experts" on the field, they ain't.

ilikegam3s2489d ago

Really? Apple stuff is waaaaaaaaay overpriced. People that buy apple stuff here can't research at all (no offense if people in have a mac/apple related product)

kesvalk2489d ago

yes we are...

we keep buying anemic "limited editions" and buying games with stupid dlc that, sometimes, are finished even before the game ships.

we cope with DRMs that never stop pirates and we continue to support shady devs (looking at you capcom) that keeps shitting on it own fanbase...

we are the worst consumers, ever...

zerocrossing2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I do none of that, Its not everyone that blindly buys what devs dish out, Its the stupid consumers who buy whatever the mass media tells them to buy that drags down the quality and stunts the growth of the industry because devs don't feel as if they need to progress since consumers unload their cash for what should be DLC sold as a stand alone full price games and minor updates, Sorry for the rant. lol

kesvalk2489d ago

which is 90% of the gaming consumers...

having 10% of the consumers not buying every piece of crap in the market don't redeem the other 90%...

as whole, gamers are very dumb consumers...

zerocrossing2489d ago

On that I'll have to agree...

zerocrossing2489d ago

Apple, defiantly apple. Even COD fanboys are'nt THAT stupid. See guys I paid you a compliment =)

Etseix2489d ago

i bought a $1200 MBP last year, first and last apple product im getting ...

zerocrossing2489d ago

That's a hefty price to pay :/ but at least they wont be getting any more cash out of you.

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