Pixelated Pretension: Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream’s Fahrenheit (published in North America as Indigo Prophecy) was an experiment in video game storytelling that, while imperfect, challenged a lot of the preconceived notions about the limits of the medium and the degree to which developers could use player input as a narrative element. Their follow-up, Heavy Rain, was heavily anticipated and hyped very enthusiastically by many for its attempts to both break down the barriers between film and games and to inject a greater sense of immersion and control into its experience. While the final product was generally favorably received by critics, its consumer reception was considerably less universal. In fact, Heavy Rain has the distinction of being seen by some as one of the best games of the generation, while others see it as the biggest failure.

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MrDead2568d ago

I loved every second of it and yet my 14yo nephew thought it the most boring game he had ever played. I guess it comes down to age and if your more entertained by a deep story line or in your face action. Unlike games such as Uncharted or GTA where your entertained by a good story and action Heavy Rain has no real middle groud just a damn good drama.

Cpt_kitten2568d ago

loved Heavy Rain, one of the few games i couldn't put down. Kinda like a really good book or tv show you have on dvd

Why o why2568d ago

For me, it didnt have to be the best or the worst...Just something different from the norm. Luckily it was a solid game. Cant wait to see what they do next

ElementX2568d ago

I played through the game and I didn't like who the killer was. I felt cheated because of the way the player is led around like that. I sold my copy after one play through.