Saints Row The Third: Multiple Endings Explained

GB: "Saints Row The Third is shaping up to be an exciting entry in to the open world franchise. The game is looking like it will be more fun and action filled than any of the games before.
Fans have been confused as to how the narrative aspect of Saints Row The Third will branch out and how many endings the game will have."

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BlmThug2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Im loving this. Gives gamers more reasons to go back and play it again instead of letting its case have dust on it. Although SR3 will already have it revisit it lots of times

joydestroy2547d ago

i think that's really cool. regarding the example they used, i honestly wouldn't know which one to choose. i guess i'd wanna upgrade my weapons faster...

KozmoOchez2547d ago having a hard time right now deciding and im not even playing the game. Clearly, this game will have multiple playthroughs by me to see how these multiple choices will pan out

MasterD9192547d ago

As if I needed another reason to play it again....flying jets anyone?