Diablo 3 mods “expressly prohibited” by Blizzard

When PC Gamer was out at Blizzard on Tuesday, they told journalists players would be able to buy and sell items for real money, and the game will be online only. There’s another part to that, closely related: not only will mods not be supported, they’re specifically forbidden by Blizzard.

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SuperSaiyan42606d ago

Seems like Blizz are going down the road of Xbox now not allowing mods, having to be connected to online.

jozzah2606d ago

Because your xbox HAS to be connected to the internet.....

lelo2606d ago

I was going to buy Diablo 3 on release... but with all the crap Blizzard's doing, I'll only get it when it's on the bargain bin.

Skyrim... here i come.

Drekken2606d ago

Fixed - I was going to by this online only game, but now they said I have to be online to play it... I am just going to by an offline only game.

^Yeah... makes a lot of sense. I have been waiting patiently for Diablo3 for 10 years. I don't think there is much they can do to make me buy a glitchy game over this one.

Perjoss2606d ago

good luck with that, starcraft 2 is still selling at full price, just over a whole year after release.

JsonHenry2606d ago

What the title should say is - "We don't want mods making the game better and showing the world how lazy we are becoming because everything we make sells like hotcakes on a Sunday morning.."

NuclearDuke2606d ago

I think everyone knows that the community can create fantastic content and I am more than sure that Blizzard knows this. Hint: Warcraft III & Starcraft II custom maps.

If you knew how much goldselling/itemselling that existed in Diablo II, you wouldn't be so surprised they are cutting off all ends to possible exploits/hacks.

Blizzard Entertainment runs a business, they ain't a entertainment service, even though the name suggests it. It's only understandable that Blizzard will provide features that could generate more income. I can't say wether this feature is for the better or worse, but I know that it gives more gamers a bigger chance to fully experience Diablo III.

JsonHenry2606d ago

Yeah, I never played the first two Diablo games online that much. After a few more articles I have read then I understand why they don't want MODs.

The auction house is more than likely solely responsible for not supporting MODs because you can use real world cash.

Spinal2606d ago

Good mods on a game like this provides people a route to hacks an exploits.

Good job blizz.

JD_Shadow2606d ago

PLEASE tell me you're being sarcastic!

Simon_Brezhnev2606d ago

Are they going to charge $15 a month for this game?

2606d ago
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