Red Dead Retrospective - A year later

It’s been a year since the phenomenal Red Dead Redemption hit store shelves, and EpicGamesReview honestly can’t say we’ve put it down since. The game is through and through one of EpicGamesReview's most favorite games of all time and for good reason too.

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xTHRASHx2612d ago

Interesting article, It would have gotten my approval had more time been spent editing and evaluating the writing.

RastafariPrime2612d ago

Editing was out of my hands. I had the article formatted correctly but admin changed it up...

BiggCMan2612d ago

I honestly didn't like it as much as the world did. It was good of course, but I don't think the story was anything special, as I quickly forgot it once I finished it. The voice acting was however very well done just like it was pointed out to be. I thought the online was a bit boring, and totally ruined by the auto aim. Although I believe they added modes where it is automatically off so that's good. Overall though, it just felt like a Grand Theft Auto game set in the old U.S, and not more of a unique experience. I wish it was more of a sequel, or true successor to Red Dead Revolver, as that game was so much fun.

InNomeDiDio2612d ago

Well, I on the other hand really enjoyed it. For me it was far better than GTA4. The Game is very nicely done and it was so cool to explore the western locations. And I did not forget it quickly after playing through RDR. And of course it is a GTA in the old US - that's what they wanted to achieve. The did not want to make a Shooter in Space. For me it would be amazing to have more such lovely designed games like RDR. But of course I respect your opinion.

trollkill2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

i agree with you didnt get caught up in the hype. It was a game that for me was quickly forgotten and if they made a part two i would not buy it the way i wont buy anymore GTA games. It might be that i just dont like open world games such as these. I need a game like Demons Souls where i continue playing it even after more than a year!!!!

Prcko2612d ago

One of the best games ever created!!!

Jury2612d ago

when i first played it, i got a little bored. When i came back to it, i got more into and realised how awesome it is...unfortunately now I love it and the multiplayer is quiet.

Working my way to platinum

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The story is too old to be commented.