Unlimited Detail Is Back With Graphics Tech That Blows Away Polygons Out Of The Water

Last year we saw a new company show up from no where showing the possibilities of video game graphics of the future. By getting rid of the polygons and using actual atoms to make up the graphics.

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Hellsvacancy2612d ago

Good times ahead, for gamin atleast

Solid_Snake-2612d ago

didnt realise loyd grossman was into gaming.

starchild2611d ago

Well, it would be great if this technology actually works for games.

But for some reason I am getting the same vibe that I got from that Wardevil RTE 1080 Engine that was shown off at the beginning of this generation, which never amounted to anything.

dp2774072612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Yea its pretty amazing looking, I mean Bulletstorm looked horrible. If this could be used soon it would make all games of today look like lego games.

Stealth2k2612d ago

all boring

At style over realism. I see enough of that in real life.

Letros2612d ago

I think you missed the part where they said they are not artists, the purpose of the video is to show the technology, now picture that with your beloved art style, and everyone wins.

St02612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I remember watching a video like this ages ago and he said this tech will be used VERY soon. I Don't think any devs are interested though which is a shame because it could be decent tech

sjaakiejj2612d ago

It was one year ago, he mentioned it in the video.

tepkisiz2612d ago

If it was possible in todays technology I am sure devs would use it. This system may have problems with shadows, animation and lighting, making it impossible to use in games.

sjaakiejj2612d ago

Very impressive indeed, if this actually does release it'll be interesting to see what Game Developers can do with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.