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Hellsvacancy2545d ago

Adverts adverts adverts, you cant escape em

malol2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

hope they add some in-game music and give the graphics more polish

looks nice over all though
and a DotA mod with this game is like a dream coming true

this game has no MODs :(

sorry blizzard no buy for me

Baka-akaB2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

? you can play dota on its own even for free , and in 3 other blizzard games already .

Besides mods , and worse hacks , are what nearly ruined Diablo 2's online at some point .

malol2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

my very first blizzard game was starcraft
1 and 2
even tho i played 2 first but i really loved it
its fun in SP and MP
and has mods with a huge community
and i like the DotA all stars mod in SC2 that's why i was hoping this game has it since it looks like it has ALOT of characters models which mean a DotA game with crap load of heroes to choose from

i played some LoL but didnt really like it
so i'll just wait for DotA 2 from valve

Baka-akaB2545d ago

but stick to the example of diablo imo . Diablo isnt starcraft or Warcraft . It doesnt need some new iu to organize bars , nor invezntory systems .

What it truly brought for d1 and d2 was a huge array of grievance that ruined the game online quite often... between dupes items ,a ruined economy , and hacked items and programs .

If its about dota , who knows maybe something could be worked upon , but the risks arent worth for something plenty games already propose

cyclindk2545d ago

Spider's leg animations sucked..

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