Daily Joypad Review: Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

Magic is back after its decent (but not excellent) first game. Based on the massively popular collectable card game it is guaranteed that the sales from this game will be successful whatever happens. The question that remains then, is it actually worth it?

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bobrea2611d ago

I lold at the part that says " is guaranteed that the sales from this game will be successful whatever happens."

Seriously? There is no such thing as a guarantee.

That being said, I have a uestion for people who play this game (the video game version.) I downloaded the demo just so I could play a game of magic since my friends were busy one day, and it seems as though the steps of a turn are different. The game won't allow me to play a land before combat, but then after combat it allows me to play a land and THEN play creatures, spells, etc afterwards. Are the rules for the video game different or is the demo perhaps just a different game type?

Just curious, that being said, the game is pretty cool for people who don't have cards, but I'd prefer to play with cards over the video game any day. It's easier to keep track of everything with the cards.

bakagaijin782611d ago

The video game version does allow land cards to be played before combat. You can also play creatures, artifacts, etc. before attacking too. I'm really not sure why you are not able to in your demo...

bobrea2611d ago

Yea, that's really weird. I click the land cards before combat and just nothing happens. Really weird.

Tony-Red-Grave2611d ago

well if you knew better the video game is an introduction to magic not an actual way to replace the card game or MGTO.

FrustratedFury2611d ago

I love the game, but it still bothers me that I can actually make a deck. I have to use pre-made decks. I guess that is to keep people from just playing the video game rather than buying the actual cards. Still, I want my White/Blue deck...

Tony-Red-Grave2611d ago

do you mean mind of void or an actual warrior counter spell deck? but yeah like i said the game is an introduction to magic not a replacement for the online version and real life card game.

FrustratedFury2611d ago

I used to use Blue counter spells and opponent creature controllers mixed with White spells and creatures that would add to my health, but this was way back in the day. Like around the Portal days.

Tony-Red-Grave2611d ago

lol sorry but im a complete noob to magic since i just started getting interested in it when i played magic:DoTP when it was free for ps+ os not much i know about the sets.

FrustratedFury2611d ago

LOL. That's cool. It can be a very complex game if you make it that way, but you can keep it simple and still have a great time.

Tony-Red-Grave2611d ago

thats pretty much why they won't make the decks fully customizable the game has to appeal to people like me (and i hate saying this) the casual crowd who don't know to much. that way the game grows on them and they end up being so interested in magic they go on to play MTGO and WoTC end up making alot more money.

if the decks were fully customizable the chances of casuals playing the game would decrease since people tend to go online first and end up getting pwnd so hard they stop playing the game and claim its trash. Plus the way things are now they pretty much hit the sweet spot casuals wont get insta raped and hardcores can tune the decks to meet their playing style as long as they have 60 cards.

Perjoss2611d ago

It's interesting that the online version of MtG does not let you make a deck yourself, it's almost as if its 1 big clever commercial for getting gamers into the card game.