GTA San Andreas receives a graphical overhaul with the final version of UltraHD Mod

DSOGaming writes: "I’m sure there are a lot of San Andreas fans out there so if you are one of them, get ready to relive it in HD with the Ultra HD Mod. What we have here is basically a GTA: San Andreas mod that adds special effects processed by the API and offers better graphics."

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Ranshak2611d ago

PC it only does free HD remakes lol.

Dam should have picked this game up on the last steam discount.

ECM0NEY2611d ago

Mods dont usually work well or at all with steam games.

malol2611d ago

its a bit hard i agree
you have to copy and paste and get to the guts of you games files

could get ugly if you dont know what are you doing

xruiner892611d ago

I've never had any problems. It's more of less the same as retail non-steam games. Except instead of looking for say, RockstarGames/GTAIV, it's Steam/steamapps/common/GTAIV.

Ranshak2611d ago

Never had a problem modding steam games. So far have modded:

Witcher, Stalker, tombraider. No problem at all.

PSjesus2611d ago

GTA san andreas stories for PSV ..... Please R*
GTA stories still the best selling PSP title

Oldman1002611d ago

Omg that would be amazing.

BlmThug2611d ago

Still doesn't look like a full HD remake. You can see the jaggies

iamgoatman2610d ago

Uh... just turn on AA through your GPU control panel?