Massive Battlefield 3 ads start to go up in London ahead of Modern Warfare 3

Ahead of Battlefield 3's eagerly anticipated launch, Electronic Arts has started to put up massive adverts for DICE's shooter.

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bunt-custardly2608d ago

Ah yes, looks like we're set to see EA and Activision's spending go crazy over the next few months.

Solid_Snake-2608d ago

i would email them and ask if they would like to put massive poster over the front of my house but they would probably refuse.

Heartnet2608d ago

Tbh why do they even need to advertise.. anyone who is anyone has heard of Call of Duty :)

subtenko2608d ago

*Gets popcorn*

gonna eat this popcorn MJ at the movies style (youtube it if you havent seen the clip)

it'd be funny if EA took all the ad spots Activision was gonna use, LOL!! "wtf guys thats our spot!! >:("

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hiredhelp2608d ago

what was it 50million on advertisments. yeh well i hope EA does well they deserve it. its not like the game was rushed out. not to mention working on a complete engine that takes alot time too.
ive enjoyed the pre alpha still am enjoying it. not great at it lol ill edmit i get more deaths then kills. but its pre alpha learning the map. and got no add'ons on my weapons that makes it any better yet.

BitbyDeath2608d ago

The rating system on this site seems broken.
28 comments and up to 440 degrees?
Do threads about these games always start at 400 degrees?

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Bonobo123452608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Saw one is Portsmouth last week, its spreading...

kramun2608d ago

Yeah they've had one up around by where I live for a couple of weeks now.

Wizziokid2608d ago

I want this game now please!

BeastlyRig2608d ago

Actually the Cod Mw3 ads was there first! They just painted the BF3 ads over them. Not fair I know but that's how it works!

ramtah2608d ago

Shutt it! Let uss enjoy it!

chidori6662608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

lol good luck this EA.

advertise Battlefield fanboys wherever I go, forums, blogs, articles and always make sure promote Battlefield game against the Juggernaut of MW3 ads..

jdfoster002608d ago

You see.... YOU are the reason games like COD stay shit for over 6 years and use the same copy and paste formula. Because people like you in this world nothing will ever get improved! That's why people are moving to Bf3 because they actually put money in making NEW tech and engine to create BETTER games, next gen games to be infact. Unlike cod and it's out dated engine and old tech!

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The story is too old to be commented.