Six things Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer doesn't need

OXM UK: "Commando's history - what else should Infinity Ward cut from the package?"

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dirigiblebill2613d ago

Just get rid of killstreaks entirely. All they do is allow players who are already winning to feel like they're winning MORE at the expense of less skilled players' enjoyment.

AEtherbane2613d ago

They should just get rid of killing and make the game like real modern warfare--cyber attacks and hacking.

thorstein2613d ago

They should get rid of the following whiny bitch*s:

1)People who complain about "campers."
2)People who complain that the other team is cheating because their k/d ration is 1/18
3)People who constantly deride other groups (this includes but is not limited to: racists, gynophobes, and religious nutjobs)
4)Micspammers (people who have a mic on and play music et al)
5)People who use lag switches and mods in order to cheat their way to victory. Valve uses anticheat servers where these players are banned. Go ahead cheat, then get banned and don't be allowed to play your $60 game online: HA HA!

Frenza2613d ago

Or go back to the fixed ones like cod:4.

guitarded772613d ago

That is the correct answer... CoD 4 was much more balanced because of it. The dumbest thing they ever did was put the nuke in MW2, it just made losers boost and ruined the game... not to mention other factors. But I still throw in CoD 4 every once in a while and have a good time.

NuclearDuke2613d ago

If you take away the killstreaks entirely, which was something that made Call of Duty 4 so popular, what major difference does CoD have to other FPS?

I think killstreaks are fine, if they are balanced. Take for example Chopper Gunner. The amount of kills you can get with this machine is insane. The bullets are what, 1500mm that has such power that hitting nearby objects of a player will cause it to splinter into thousands of small bits that tears you apart?

We need to get rid of controllable killstreaks, targetable and call-ins are allright, but controlling a beast like Chopper Gunner is just not really working.

egidem2613d ago

I agree for 2 reasons:

1) Killstreaks entice/encourage camping. Sad but true. The CoD Noob wants to sit in a corner where he can ramp up kills and call in air support.

2) Killstreaks should have some consequences. We can't have one person camp all the way to 7 killstreaks then reward them with even more options of they don't deserve it. They did NOTHING.

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Rrobba2613d ago

Annoying trolls and idiotic teammates?

Don't get me wrong, COD multiplayer can sometimes be fun, but it's filled with hackers, trolls, idiots, fanboys and noobs.

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MidnytRain2613d ago

"We've had some good times with the Last Stand perk, which lets the user fight on for a brief period after going down, but we want it dead regardless. Weakened, crawling foes are (a) first rate kill-steal material and (b) horribly annoying when they sacrifice themselves and cheat you of match-winning points."

Those are both selfish reasons to chuck Last Stand. I personally never had problems with it in MW2. Most people I saw didn't live through it anyway.

InTheLab2613d ago

Not just CoD, but all shooters should get rid of 1hit melee attacks. So much BS wrapped in a single button click.

But CoD is far worse at it than any other shooter. You don't even have to be at arms length to stab someone. I can't count how many times I've knifed someone that ran past me or how many times I've been knifed by a guy who's a good 5 feet away from me.


MidnytRain2613d ago

I don't think the knives in BFBC2 are overpowered. The difference I think is that it's slower and not super fast like other games.

InTheLab2613d ago

It's not that it's overpowered, but you shouldn't be able to instantly kill someone by stabbing them in the leg,hand,etc.

vickers5002613d ago


If they made knifing more realistic, then it would be just a useless p.o.s. mechanic that no one would use and would have no reason to be in the game. One hit kill melee is fine, just as long as it isn't a lunged melee attack.

One hit kill melee is one of those things that needs to be exaggerated/unrealistic, just like respawning. No one would have fun if they could never respawn, just like no one would have fun using a melee mechanic that would be completely pointless since you'd get shot to death before you could melee them a 2nd or 3rd time.

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