New screens revealed for Lollipop Chainsaw

Several new screenshots have been revealed by Kadowaka Games for their upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 third-person action title, Lollipop Chainsaw.

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Septic2574d ago

Only in Japan.....

Normally I would be completely bemused but then again, this is probably the most normal thing in Japan considering other 'oddities' such as an anime series called Cat Shit One that revolved around rabbits, cats and camels doing battle in the Middle East.

Solid_Snake-2574d ago

the title is so annoying. but it will sell to those people who curse the roundness of there eyes every day.

TheBossMan2574d ago

Why are these chicks always white girls with blonde/brown/red hair and blue/green/grey eyes? Seriously, 9.9 times out of 10 the leading chicks in Japanese games are light hair, light eyed, hugely endowed white girls. What gives? Do Japanese girls take offense?

n to the b2574d ago

maybe they feel similar to normal (ie, not a supermodel) women in the US who are bombarded daily with a disproportionate amount of claudia schiffer-esque imagery?

MaxXAttaxX2574d ago

Generally in anime, hair color is more of a personality element and not about race/nationality.

Bay2574d ago

I admit...piqued my interest when I heard that Suda 51 is designing this game.

Then I saw the screenshots.

Still want.

maddfoxx2574d ago

I'll play the demo and decide if its worth a play through based on gameplay. And whats the deal with the guys head?

The Great Melon2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I'm intrigued. Only in Japan do you get rainbows, cheerleaders, and zombies together.

Convas2574d ago

I'm not going to lie, the art style of this game is quite appealing. Looking out for it now.

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