Joystiq interview: Telltale's Dan Connors tells tales

Sam & Max: Season One was one of the first real success stories of digital distribution, where folks could download episodes of the game from month to month, and then after everything had been released, pick up a DVD copy of all the episodes with some extra content. Season Two launches on November 8th, putting Sam & Max right back into the fray.

Joystiq sat down with Telltale Games founder and CEO Dan Connors during E For All to talk about all things Sam & Max, Bone, and what's coming up for the young studio. They started off by waxing poetic about E for All or E3 possibly moving to Vegas, so they could have done this over drinks and then hit the tables. Joystiq would like to think Sam & Max would have been proud.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Joystiq: "So the Sam & Max distribution method of releasing episodes online and then having a version you can purchase later in stores seems to be a success. What do you think contributed to that?"

Dan: "Well, I think the maturity of the web in general, and of e-commerce. In 2002 even, most people wouldn't give their credit cards online, and most people were still on dial-up. It really started to change around 2004 where everything that people said was going to happen, happened."

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