Diablo 3 requires constant internet connection

Blizzard has revealed that the long-awaited Diablo 3 will require players to be constantly connected to the internet, even after an initial authentication process has been completed.

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Voxelman2546d ago

Well I guess I will just have to be happy with Torchlight 2. This crap has got to stop

Ranshak2546d ago

Well Diablo 3 is more of a multiplayer oriented game which is why iw ould be ok with this. However this sort of shit for a game thats focused on single player is inexcuseable

Heartnet2546d ago

Lol dude that doesnt excuse this game... If you have to be online for the single player portion of the game its utter BS and shud be Boycotted

DualConsoleOwner2546d ago

My guess is that blizz is doing this to fight piracy.

blame the pirates not the good developers who are trying to protect their invesment.

Iroquois_Pliskin2546d ago

You got Activision to thank for that

Saladfax2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

They highlight the features (auction house, cross-game chat, persistent characters, PvP matchmaking) as reasons why they want to implement this, but they don't go into detail as to how the game will react if the connection is interrupted. It also might well be that all game sessions, single or multi, will take place on

Hopefully they don't implement it as an instant game dump if either their servers or the player's internet craps out. They probably are half-thinking of it like WoW, but to ignore such a large group of their customers in the single-player individuals seems quite folly.

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JsonHenry2546d ago

Another one of those cases where it on hinders the paying customers. Pirates will have this cracked and running without internet in under 48 hours.

I guess since I will be playing with 3 friends at all times and my internet is always connected anyway it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. (to me)

Motion2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Not sure it will be quite that easy. Characters are going to be stored server side, so its not just a matter of disabling the online requirement. Pirates may have to set up private servers to play, and it can be difficult/time consuming to get server side software working. It basically looks like they will be running this like an MMO.

SuperSaiyan42546d ago

Nowadays everyone's internet is always ON anyways so I don't see this to be a problem at all.

RedSky2546d ago

Its only purpose is to reduce piracy and at best for a month if not less.

Nothing they've mentioned in any way prevents them from allowing a stripped back single player option as they was for Diablo 2, as much as they would like you to believe to the contrary.

What they're doing is tacking on this requirement so the game will take more time to crack (but will eventually be cracked like past online-to-play games like AC2).

Meanwhile the customer is now at the mercy of their internet connection. Not everyone has affordable or reliable internet. If it cuts out, we've already essentially been told you'll be booted back to the login screen. While most here will probably have broadband, you have to realize people in remote regions still rely on dial-up or expensive satellite. Even in developed countries like the US.

The worst part is, it will all but certainly be cracked. At that point paying customers with issues like these will be better of having to rely on a pirated copy.

BrutallyBlunt2546d ago

So this is how you justify piracy?

I'm all for whatever they can do to reduce piracy, after all it is they who created the games. Don't like it don't buy it. But to suggest customers are better off waiting for a pirated copy is simply idiotic.

What will eventually happen is we will all become Blizzard members much like Steam members or to some degree XBOX Live/PSN members. Where the content is no longer a hard copy but rather in a cloud and the only way to access it is to sign-in. The black market will then become memberships or usernames with passwords.

Piracy is obviously one reason we are headed in this direction but also the ability to recycle the same product to multiple users, the used game market.

StayStatic2546d ago

Its nothing to do with piracy , did you even read the story ?

Heartnet2546d ago

Dude if u cant afford broadband but you can afford a £40 pc game...

Ur priorities are wrong :D

Saladfax2545d ago


Availability doesn't exist everywhere. Plus you have to take into account interruptions both on your and their end. Why should you be unable to play your single player game which requires no online functions if their bloody servers are down.

It's technically against the end-user license agreement, but I probably wouldn't judge the single-player folks too harshly if they bought the game and used cracks to strip out the DRM. They paid for it legitimately; they should always have the opportunity to use it.

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Solid_Snake-2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

i agree with ya. who actually turns there internet off and says i dont fancie having it on today.

its like turning your mobile off then turning it back on just to make a call then turning it off again.

and for people with poor internet connection.....BOO HOO.

Heartnet2546d ago

No you would do that if you were trying to save battery life on your mobile phone since that person would only use it to ring people...

and dude ur just a douche :) u must realise you only have 1 bubble for a reason? get a life yeh? well try to :)

Spinal2546d ago

Looolll i loled hard man thanks its so true xD

I dont understand these butt hurt whiners lookin for every lil problem to nit pick.

Saladfax2545d ago

Something you don't quite understand is that a great deal of media seems to be attempting to go by some kind of extra-milking, renter's agreement than anything regarding ownership.

It becomes easy with digital varieties of software, or software which relies upon, ta daaaa, developer-owned server features. You don't own the things you buy; you pay for the right to use them in only the way they were specifically designed and intended.

Hell, EA's Origin has the possibility of expiring licenses for their digital content. Which means the thing you paid money for might just disappear one day.

Anyone else remember copies of 1984 being yanked from peoples' Kindles? It sure didn't look good for Amazon.

Long story short, the more we let people dictate when/where/how/why we use the property we paid for, the more likely there will be those who abuse it.

danielle0072546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

One thing I would say in response to you is they didn't mention what kind of internet will be required. Some people don't have access to fast internet, especially in non-urban areas.

Also, what if you are playing on your laptop and you aren't at home and there's no wireless?

I should still be able to play Diablo 3 single player. I don't need those features they mentioned to be active at all times, especially since they're not even features that I actually need to play the game. They're just added convenience, and are literally not a reason to require constant internet connection.

Pro_TactX2545d ago

Last night a storm killed my internet access for 4 hours. It is not the end of the world, and it does not happen every day, but it does happen, and it should not prevent me from playing single player games.

Hell, forget me though. What about the people out there who just have crappy internet service, or no internet service at all?

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Baka-akaB2546d ago

IF you've played guild wars already , wich was far closer to diablo in spirit than truly a mmo , then it shouldnt be such a major problem .

For other people i can see why it would stinks a bit

Heartnet2546d ago

Ur bring up guild wars becasuusee?? Diablo isnt an MMO it should nto require a constant internet connection if you chose not to play online

Baka-akaB2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

i'm bringing up gw because it kinda felt a diablo 3 of sort . Like i said IN SPIRIT . The overall quality of it's campaign , the highly competitive nature of its fast paced pvp , the "simplicity" of it's skill designs , the overall tree systems etc ...

(not to mention with even ex blizzard staff developping the game) .

GW was a mmo mostly in name besides . There was no open world , no mssive truly skirmish or experiences ... just kickass single player/coop campaign or mostly arena based pvp . And the online town area were kinda a modernized chatroom at best .

Either was , the important point remains , if gw could have a constantly online experience for the sp and coop modes , hardly any technical reason diablo couldnt . That's all i'm saying .

MasterCornholio2546d ago

That blows. Its stunts like this that ruin a game.

StayStatic2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Read the story and it sounds fine for the features of the game but still not liking the real money auction house.

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