SSX originally had skis, since been removed

While SSX is a snowboarding game, EA's reboot did feature skis early on in development. Due to animation concerns, however, they have since been removed.

"We had skiing in at the very early days in this SSX, and I was actually one of the advocates; I was pushing that we should have it." SSX creative director Todd Batty explains in the September issue of Edge.

"That's something that made its first appearance in SSX: ON Tour, but the tough thing about skiing is that every single animation in the entire game would have to be duplicated for characters with skis as opposed to characters on snowboards."

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Quagmire2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Too bad they were removed, would have been a welcome variation in gameplay.

Could we also expect maybe...Snowmobiles?

manman62611d ago

SSX is all about snowboarding not skis; so I am glad they took them off.

Mystogan2611d ago

yeah ski's are lame anyways

garos822610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

disagree, i thought the skis were pretty fun to play with, they were especially good for the races in the game. it varied up the gameplay for me so hearing that it will be missing is slightly dissapointing to me. i cant wait to see some gameplay videos though as this game is of great interest to me. i thoroughly enjoyed all the games in the series with the exception of ssx tricky which i havent had the chance to own before.

the article i read at gamesradar regarding the developer talking about the stage designs sounded good and im liking the direction they are taking with it


manman62610d ago

You need to try SSX Tricky it is one of the best in the series.

garos822610d ago

ive played it slightly before but never owned it. to be honest i wouldnt mind a HD remix of the first 3

Lykon2610d ago

no skis...good....ssx on tour was a step backwards...get back to ssx 3 quality....