Why was Legacy of Kain canceled? The history of Legacy of Kain

Why was Legacy of Kain canceled? There is lot of debate, theories, and mysteries regarding this issue, which has been haunting all the Legacy of Kain fans out there for years since the release of Defiance. The purpose of this article is to summarize all the events which ultimately led to the cancellation of Dark Prophecy after only three months of work in progress.

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xenophage2542d ago

A long but informative read. Cool stuff.

Pozzle2542d ago

I had no idea they were planning on making a game after Defiance. I've been hoping for a revival of the LoK series for years now, and it would be amazing if they were able to continue with the story they had planned.

zerocrossing2542d ago

A reboot or conclusion to the story would be great .

Pozzle2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

The awesome thing is, the devs could reboot the series and still keep the same characters and universe. With the amount of screwing around that Kain and Raziel did with time travel, they ended up erasing half the other games anyway. In fact, the only reason Blood Omen 2's storyline exists is because Defiance (or was it Soul Reaver 2? I can't remember) created a new timeline, thus creating the Blood Omen 2 plot.

So if the devs really want to reboot the series, they would only need to have Kain screw up a timeline in the next Lok game, then start a new plot from scratch in the sequel to that game. That way, it's still technically a reboot, but is also connected to the other LoK games.

If that makes any sense?

zerocrossing2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Yeah that makes perfect sense, but I do watch a lot of anime, lol.

Im sure there's plenty of LoK fans out there who really want a reboot or conclusion to the story, So seeing as there's a ton of ways they could go about resurrecting the series It would make sense too, If they can make it a worthy successor to the title of Legacy of Kain.

maniacmayhem2542d ago

A remake of Blood Omen is due. Get some of that superior voice acting back. Make it tru open world and have some greta rpg elements.

Make it so.

Getowned2542d ago

WHHAAAT!!!?! canceled ....nooo ;`[

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