Battlefield 3 Headed To Steam After All?

NowGamer: The PC version of Battlefield 3 may be available on Steam despite recent reports to the contrary.

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bumnut2577d ago

The only reason EA don't want it on steam is greed.

They want £39.99 for it on Origin which is 25% more than most retailers are selling it on disc.

jaosobno2577d ago

Well if that's the case, then the solution is simple: buy it on disc.

We seriously don't need war in DD department. I don't wanna have 20 clients installed on my PC just because every douche thinks I should use theirs. One is enough and that one is called Steam.

I'll rather wait a few days (or buy disc version on day 1) rather than use that crappy Origin.

Ranshak2577d ago

Ill be buying the CD key online for 30usd :P

If EA doesnt want me using Steam and think they will cause me to buy it on origin for more profit, they can think again. Ill buy the CD key download the game and play.

bumnut2577d ago

I preordered on disc for £23.99

Pikajew2577d ago


Some people cant buy it on disk because it to expensive retail for where they live and they have to buy digital.

RankFTW2577d ago

Watch out! Someone with a shit PC is ninja disagreeing with us all.

SuperSaiyan42577d ago

The retail price is £39.99 on disc...

Solid_Snake-2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

all retail disks will install through origins. buying disk or digital you will need origins to boot up battlelog for multiplayer.

no way around it im afraid guys.

i wish steam would sort something out as i have being using origins to play my battlefield 3 alpha and it aint a scratch on steam.

+ origins is still in BETA progress and it better be finished for battlefield 3.

bumnut2577d ago

Its listed as £28.99 now, but i used a voucher 'PREORDER20' and got it for £23.99

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Trunkz Jr2577d ago

How did this copy of a story get accepted... Anyway, if they release it on steam after launch you might miss out on some pro-order stuff like maps, etc.

NuclearDuke2577d ago

They won't succeed versus Call of Duty if it's not on Steam.

ChrisW2577d ago

Unfortunately... Damn true.

Ranshak2577d ago

They cant afford not to have BF3 on Steam. Just doesnt busines sense. BC2 sold so well on steam. There is no way they arent having bf3 on Steam.

ct032577d ago

Unfortunately it makes long term business sense. Drawing people away from Steam would lead many gamers directly to Origin. And Battlefield 3 is popular enough to force even Steam gamers to go elsewhere if it's not available on Steam.

skyward2577d ago

It makes sense from EA's point of view to push pre-orders at Origin, but they can't leave it off Steam post-launch if they want to compete...

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The story is too old to be commented.