Call of Duty gives better audio feedback than Battlefield - Condemned dev

OXM UK: But DICE's shooter has "an amazing overall aesthetic".

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dirigiblebill2612d ago

Sound gets too little attention from gamers/reviewers, IMO. Why not spend this thread talking about that, rather than the usual CoD vs BF bullcrap?

malol2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

as a player that played both

in BFBC2 you get more situational awareness just by hearing the sounds around you
and with the help of the mini map you know if its an enemy or friend

it goes like this
hear a sound of gun shots/footsteps/tank or another thing
check the map
if its there and its blue then its friendly if not then it is an enemy

in COD its just not

im not a BF fanboys and i play both
but BF has the upper hand in the voice part especially if you play with surround sound like i do

StanLee2612d ago

Ah . . . don't know what you're talking about but that's exactly the way it is in Call of Duty. From footsteps, to a gun reloading, Call of Duty has great sound. You even here when the pin of a grenade is drawn or a semtex is about to be thrown.

malol2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

yeah but in COD it gets really messy and too fast for you to relies and think all of that

and i agree you can even hear when someone put a clymore too

but in BF the sound stands out better than it is in COD and it sounds nicer
while in COD it feels just cheap if you know what i mean

Deputydon2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I hate CoD. But I've always had issues in BC2 when it comes to footsteps. I can always hear soldiers yelling, but often times I would throw a grenade around a corner or cover just to see if I heard a soldier yell out 'Grenade!!!!' or whatever. But if a soldier in BC2 isn't shooting, or having a grenade thrown at him, it's damn near impossible to hear his footsteps. Same thing in the BF3 alpha...

In CoD you hear a lot less voice action, which if they added, would make the sound far better. All you hear in CoD is little kids screaming on the mic, a few guns and your own firing, then a helicopter/harrier/gunship throughout the entire match. And while you can indeed hear footsteps, it's proves pointless most of the time because it's cod, the maps are tiny, and you can just about bet that almost every corner past your team's spawn is going to have an enemy. Whether they are camping, spawning, spamming nades, trying to glitch, team killing, or actually playing the game. You might as well just prefire around every corner in cod, then you get the people screaming hacker though...

Anyways, Halo and Counterstrike imo have the best sound in terms of actually helping gameplay skill. CS is known for it's footsteps as well as dropping weapons to pick up new ones, even putting the suppressor on the M4 or scoping in with their scout/awp can give away their position.

Halo on the other hand has a unique sound for every single weapon when it's picked up. So not only do you know their location, but you can tell exactly what kind of weapon they have as well. Especially the power weapons. I've watched many people play Halo 2 and 3, and it's interesting to see them know the exact time the rockets spawn and go to start heading that way, only to back off because they heard someone pick it up before they went around the corner.

BF has amazing sound quality. They are unsurpassed in the quality of the game effects. Explosions, weapons, voices, vehicles, and music. All untouched by any other game developer. But that doesn't automatically make it the best for player-to-player interaction.

egidem2612d ago

I have played both and NO. Clearly this person hasn't played BFBC2 with a surround sound system with audio settings set to 'War Tapes'. It sounds FREAKING awesome.

The fact that I can be running and hear a sniper bullet pass by my head all the way across the map and be able to tell from which direction it is coming from is amazing.

r1sh122612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

The sound in black ops is horrible. Just check the number of threads on the black ops forums..
MW2 was ok, but the best sounds were in World at war, guns actually sounded like guns.
Where as Black ops sounds like plastic toys.
They should really sort the sound out, and battle field has better sounds over the past 2 games.
I used astro A40's but with black ops there isnt any need since for some reason ninja pro can be heard a mile away on my regular tv speakers, below tv audio levels.
Its insane that I can hear 'silent' footsteps on my TV.
Black ops sound and graphics are pretty awful.

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Septic2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Do you know why that is?

It's because the audio is so bare-bones in COD games to the extent that they are so easily exploited with a decent sound system or headset. It really is a case of footsteps noise, grenade, gun fire sounds.

I'm actually surprised at Condemned developers praising this because their Condemned games had great audio that went far beyond mere audio cues and engrossed you into their world.

Also, I would like to point out that Treyarch actually couldn't even get these basic audio cues right in the first place. When Black Ops first came out, you couldn't hear footsteps at all. Essentially, everyone had the Ninja pro perk to begin with. How someone managed to mess up something as basic as that is beyond me. I was shocked at such a major omission. It took me ONE game to figure out something was wrong. Treyarch posted in the coming days that they recognised the problem and would fix it. You know what they did? They upped the volume of footsteps so high that if a couple of people were running together it sounded like a herd of elephants on a stampede to the nearest peanut shop.

I'm sorry but when it comes to sound, there is no comparison whatsoever. I know what they are saying; I exploited this simplistic sound design in COD MW2 and got over 140+ nukes as a result. Comparatively, the sound in COD is completely eclipsed by the Battlefield games in all areas in my opinion.

dirigiblebill2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I think if we're going to bitch about loud footsteps in games, the gold prize-winner has to be FFXIII. I developed facial twitches completing that game.

EDIT: Good post, btw.

Sub4Dis2612d ago

lol. i had almost forgotten about the footsteps in ff13, thanks for the reminder...

Nate-Dog2612d ago

Well said, sound in even BFBC2 is absolutely phenomenal at times (if you have the TV / surround system to use the "War Tapes" setting I'm sure you know what I mean) and the effort and quality DICE are putting into audio for gun shots, explosions and destruction, vehicles etc. for BF3 is just a testament to how much they care about their game and giving players a more-immersive experience.

MmaFan-Qc2612d ago

"Call of Duty gives better audio feedback than Battlefield"


Activision, funny guy, i kill you last.

radphil2612d ago

"You know what they did? They upped the volume of footsteps so high that if a couple of people were running together it sounded like a herd of elephants on a stampede to the nearest peanut shop. "

I found this imagery amusing.

luiti12612d ago

after playing BF3 i dont quite belive it.

BeastlyRig2612d ago

Better sound than Bf3? nah... Hard to believe..


This guy B!tch slaps cod audio team..

Parapraxis2611d ago

Thanks for posting that, I was going to if nobody had yet.
Clearly Dice are taking audio VERY seriously.

Sugreev20012612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Please,BFBC2 has one of the best sound-design this entire generation,better than each and every COD game stacked against it.I have no doubt that BF3 will eclipse it's predecessor in that department.

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