Buy the 3DS at Costco for $169.99 right now, still get the free downloads

3dsblog: "I’m not sure if this is at all Costco locations, but at least one of ‘em is selling the 3DS for $169.99 a few days early. The biggest benefit of this is you can take advantage of the price drop and you get the free games since you can still connect to the eShop before August 12th."

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CommonSense2606d ago

why would you spend any amount of money on a handheld console that only has remakes and isn't showing any sign of life?

if they cut the price to 50 bucks, i still wouldn't pay it til they showed some interest in making NEW games.

Rrobba2606d ago

Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Smash Bros and Luigi's Mansion 2 are NEW games.

Dead or Alive Dimensions, Ridge Racer 3D, Driver: Renegade 3D, Rayman Origins and Resident Evil: Revelations are NEW games.

Also, I agree that $250 was a little too much for the 3DS, but $170 is a great price, and the system is well worth it.

SonyNGP2606d ago

For someone who's called "CommonSense", you sure lack it.

Sub4Dis2606d ago

His comment had absolutely nothing to do with common sense. Do you even know what it is? I agree with him. Nintendo 3DS has yet to show any reason for ownership. The best game on the system is Zelda, and that's a port of an N64 game.

@ Rrobba: Almost every game you mentioned isn't even out yet. Anyway, i'm with Common Sense. I wouldn't spend a dime on a system with no quality games and where the only games I have to look forward to are still MORE sequels to franchises I've grown bored with over the last 3 decades.

rexbolt2605d ago

yeah and vita has any new games right? uncharted 4 lil big plsnt it 4 and modnation racers 3 in one gen wow

meganick2605d ago

This is a great deal to take advantage of.