PSX-Sense article: MW3 vs BF3 - Round Two

PSX-Sense writes: Last week we showed you all our first round in the MW3 vs BF3 battle where Modern Warfare 3 showed all it's tricks and punches. Today the other contestant, Battlefield 3, got to throw a few punches for an entertaining second round.

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Buzz7S2575d ago

At the end of the day, the winner will be MW3, simply because majority of gaming sites tend to side with what is huge.

Don't get me wrong, BF3 looks and plays amazing, but because they haven't got kids under the of 16 wrapped around their finger, as BF3 appeals to the more... mature-like crowd, it will get drowned out by the cries of thousands upon thousands of "OMG F-ING NOOBTUBER!!!" - 2/3 days later - "OMG MW3 IS THE BEST GAME EVA!!!".

Goliath-NL2575d ago

True, but what we're really trying to determine with this 'battle' is which of the two is of better quality and provides for more entertainment. Now being the writer of the articles I should remain objective but I'm leaning heavily towards Battlefield 3 BECAUSE it's for the more 'mature crowd' and you don't have little kids screaming at you the entire match :p

Buntownik2575d ago

Man you got that right, I know 6 year olds that play MW and all my friends that play battlefield are 18 to 40 years old and much more fun to play with. theres nothing I hate more then fan boys for MW.

zerox5052575d ago

we all hate immature kids, let us all agree with that.

Ezio20482574d ago

Modern Warfare 3 for me if it goes back to Modern Warfare 1 style multiplayer!!