Firmware 2.00 is out: Crying Fan Edition "I just can't believe this. You go through life, thinking everything is right and then you get news like this! threespeech is Sony's semi-official blog? I thought that was us! Sony, what are your standards?! They don't even have the word PS3 (or PSP) in their title."

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gdguide4056d ago

Oh come on. What's the big deal? We get lag free games for free. Being a PC gamer for years, I don't need the fluff, and just care about lag free games and not having to pay.

ruibing4056d ago

I feel bad for anyone who actually cries over an update.

wil4hire4056d ago

Which is due in MARCH.

Sony never said "We are doing ingame-xmb for 2.0" Forums did..

but I guess stupid is, as stupid does.

TheMART4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

First the PS3 would release spring 2006, then it was shifted back untill Holidays 2006 for USA/Japan and Europe even not untill the end of March 2007.

First Home would release early 2006, then it became Fall 2006, then it was holidays 2007, now it is spring 2008 (for Japan confirmed, I bet it'll be even later for Europe/USA).

Do you see the pattern? Delay after delay after delay

Bathyj4056d ago

I see a pattern. First Mart was mildly annoying, then frustrating and now I flatout wouldn't care if he got hit by a bus. By the time your 40 you'll be so obnoxious even you will hate yourself.

Thats the pattern I see.

redmamoth4056d ago

Hahaha..... Comment of the week for me!!

SeanScythe4056d ago

The PS3 came out in Nov 2006 Home was announced the next year which is 2007 I believe.

Ri0tSquad4055d ago

no one takes your comments serious on here......your a joke. When everyone sees a post by the mart at xboxkings they get ready to read yet another trolling, childish, comment that brings absolutely nothing new to the table on the comment section.

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Skerj4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

[email protected] Fan Edition. People aren't over this yet? Sheesh give it up, and hope for the next release. Personally I'm happy with what we got today, little by little it's starting to become a more complete experience. Then again I plan on taking advantage of nearly everything from the update.

smirx4056d ago

Updates are always nice.... Even if you aren't getting massive features, it's always good to know you have the latest version of whatever the program may be, in this case, the XMB. Not to mention, the fact that Sony is actively trying to improve our gaming experience...... for FREE!

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