Earth One and Animated Series Skins revealed for Batman: Arkham City

Two new skins are revealed for the Dark Knight! First images!

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Pikajew2612d ago

The Batman Beyond on looks horrible

Should have made it skinny like the show

LtSkittles2612d ago

Keep in mind this the Bruce Wayne one, and not the Terry McGinnis one.

Pikajew2612d ago

I know. I watched Batman Beyond when I was younger so I was use to it

maniacmayhem2612d ago

All they're doing is repainting the same 3D model.

DrRichtofen2611d ago

How is the batman beyond one suppose to glide around without a cape?

SilentNegotiator2611d ago

So does he pull out the jetpack things when he does the gliding as the Beyond skin?

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himdeel2612d ago

I really wish they'd offer an exclusive hero edition like Infamous 2 with all the skins. Or at least have them available day one on LIVE and PSN.

archemides5182612d ago

Ok, that's it, if all these skins aren't downloadable or unlockable in the game I'm gonna be PISSED.

MasterD9192612d ago

I like all of 'em...I'd even like to see the newer, all black and sleek batman uniform like from Nolan's films.

Hopefully, they'll release these post game release as DLC or dare I packs?

FalconR2892611d ago

I knew it! Now it better come over to North America or there's going to be some kind of underworldly thing to pay.

violent80sarcade822611d ago

i prayyy i get to use the 70's classic blue suit in campaign mode PLEASE rocksteady if any of you see this!

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