VitaGamr Talking Point: Does Vita Have Nintendo Worried?

Was Nintendo's 3DS price drop an indication the company is scared of Vita? VitaGamr's Corbie Dillard takes a look.

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miyamoto2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Sony is a 100 year old consumer electronics veteran.

The PlayStation Meeting & E3 2011 PS Vita announcements are classic examples of how Sony makes its presence known in the minds of its allies & enemies. Those were very effective strategic positioning.

Heh! Even the NGP moniker, "Next Generation Portable" a.k.a. "Nintendo Got Pawned" I believe, was by no means an accident but intentionally "It was all part of the plan."

Sony has won the mind games with the PS2 vs. Dreamcast, Gamecube & Xbox. There is no doubt in my mind they struck a serious blow to the 3DS & its inherent weaknesses.

charmer2453d ago

haha..look who the article is coming from anyways....if vita was more innovative maybe that would worry nintendo but what does the vita really offer besides a ps3 on the go.... i think nintendo is fine

JamesNewton2453d ago

VitaGamr comes from the same team behind Nintendo Life :)

MasterCornholio2453d ago

While the 80 euro price drop was significant. Most of the people who are excited for the Vita will not turn it down in favor of a 3DS. Because face it if they were prepared to spend 250 euros before they are still willing to pay 250 euros now. However this will increase the number of people who will own both. Because at 170 euros the 3DS seems like a good buy. But i am waiting for a revision because the current 3DS model doesnt have a long enough battery life for me. So if i do pick one up it will probably be the lite model.