Bodycount dev diary goes Behind the Bullets

Codemasters' Bodycount is intent on making players fall in love with firepower. Watch as this 'Behind the Bullets' dev diary, the first of many, attempts to make the case.

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DoomeDx2605d ago

Doesnt look that bad, TBH

DeadlyFire2605d ago

Spiritual successor to BLACK. It can't be bad.

Crazyglues2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Yeah it looks ok, -But I'm not sold yet..

I need to see a little more, I need to see what this whole game is about, right now it just looks like you go from point to point shooting stuff.. (and that's it)


Shield2605d ago

The destructive environments are impressive, it's going to make for some interesting and exciting gameplay. Looks great!

isarai2605d ago

Spiritual successor to BLACK and the same mastermind behind black working on it. I've been wanting something like this for years, that shotgun sending people flying through walls leaving a trail of destruction has been in my gamer dreams since black