Witcher 2 360 gets pushed into Q1 2012

The console version of the RPG, which first launched back in May for PC via Namco Bandai, was originally due to release near the end of the year from THQ. Not to be, though.

CDP said the delay was down to giving more polish to the game, but also in regards to the company’s ongoing legal battle with Namco over the publishing of the 360 version.

“The extra time will allow us to polish the title to perfection, so that the game offers an ideally balanced, fantastic experience to gamers. As the launch of the game approaches, we will be sharing more details how it will be released on Xbox 360. I trust that despite the release date shift, players will be satisfied with what we are planning for them,” said studio boss Adam Kicinski.

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RockmanII72573d ago

So going against Mass Effect instead of Skyrim, in terms of RPG's. I'm predicting January 24th.

Doc-Holliday2572d ago

This is not looking good. Seems it might be headed down the same path as the cancelled Witcher 1 360 port...

SuperLupe2573d ago

Very wise! It would have made an undeserved flop with bigger names suuch as skyrim, bf3, forza, gears etc coming out at the same period.

GunofthePatriots2573d ago


tinezedw2573d ago

Yet another game gets removed from the 360 exclusives for 2011,good I have a ps3 too.

xPhearR3dx2573d ago

Umm what other 360 exclusives were suppose to come out this year that was pushed back until 2012? This is a good thing. There's so many damn games coming out this holiday that all the extra work they put into this to make it more than a simple port would be wasted. The series has no fan base on 360, launching it during the holiday would cause it to get over shadowed by Skyrim, Saints Row, Assassins Creed, COD, Halo Ann, etc.

EVO-OM3GA2573d ago

Its a Console Exclusive, Not a Platform Exclusive!

Until Sony &/Or CDP Announce otherwise

bumnut2573d ago

I hope it comes to all platforms, it is a great game. As long as devs don't gimp the PC version of games I have no problem with multiplatform.

Darth Stewie2572d ago

It will come to PS3 its just CDP is not big enough to make the game for both the 360 and PS3 at the same time. So they are starting with the easier port which is the 360 version.

BeastlyRig2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

I just hope the witcher 3 will be pc fisrt so It will stay hardcore..

"Hardcore Elder Scrolls gamers may not be all too happy with the new path that the franchise is taking, what with Bethesda claiming recently that they want the new iteration to be "really accessible" to the "average person"

lol a hardcore player is not in the "average person" category..

And Hit man?

“The biggest challenge that we had with this game was to make it much broader in every sense, so that it was easier to play and more accessible, but still retain a very strong, hardcore side as well." - this makes no sense hardcore & easy?


Ghost Recon?

Ubisoft: "You're never going to keep hardcore Ghost Recon fans happy"


The Witcher 2 ?
- http://www.upcomingtechnolo...

It seems everything but Demon Souls get turned into a kinect game or some casual lump of family fun..

mainstream can suck ballz.. Devs trying to be everything to everyone instead of being the best for a certain audience..

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Solid_Snake-2572d ago

its not exclusive dude. and i dont think you own a 360 at all i think your just trolling.

isnt there a bride you need to be hiding under.

tinezedw2572d ago

I'm the troll,wonder why you only got one bubble and I still got 5.

StifflerK2573d ago

I do want to play Witcher , but I'm kind of glad it got pushed back a bit , there are too many great games coming out in the run up to Christmas.

Releasing it in Q1 2012 - the game will get the attention it deserves.

Bigpappy2572d ago

This is a very good and smart move.

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