Might The Assassin's Creed Trilogy End in 2012?

Assassin's Creed was originally touted to be a trilogy, and although there have been more than three games, those outside the main entries have been supplementary at best. That means that it is very possible for it to end as a trilogy. But when is that most likely to happen?

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Nate-Dog2612d ago

It depends if the further titles Ubisoft want to release for AC are directly related to the current story basically, if they want to release spin-offs of characters such as Subject 16 (which I personally think they will) among other ideas. But maybe they want to continue the same story on a number of years down the line, maybe they want to make more games of people like Altair, it's hard to know. I don't think this "Trilogy" is over yet myself though. ACIII releasing next would make most sense given the timeline and the satellite launch and whatnot supposed to take place in 2012.

I agree though, while I love AC a break from it for an extra year or so to make me really miss it and really fully enjoy the next title when it releases (and giving Ubisoft more time to refine it and really make a difference in that next game to it's predecessor) is exactly what I wish for, but I just can't see it happening.

KentBlake2612d ago

AC is my favorite series this generation, and I really hope they can deliver on Revelations. That said, I'd reallye like an Assassin's Creed III in 2012 tying up the story. But I wouldn't like a game completely centered on Desmond. He works really well as a "foot on reality", in short bursts during gameplay, but I don't think a full game set on modern day doing parkour on today's world would be as compelling as, say, something set on feudal Japan or some other ancient culture.

And finishing the story in AC3 would be neat, because it would all be done in the same generation of consoles. Then, when the next-gen arrives, they can start a true new era in the series.

Hockeydud192612d ago

A modern assassin game could be cool if done right.

KentBlake2612d ago

I kind of agree with you, but a big part of the AC series to me are the different periods through history. Walking through Italy during the renaissance is great...climbing buildings in modern New York just seems so...common. At least to me, a modern day AC game would feel very mundane and similar to other games.

Hockeydud192611d ago

It could. Maybe the revolutionary era would be better. I'm sure there was plenty of conspiracy in England and such. Who knows.