Cosplay Cuties and Booth Babes at Chinajoy Expo

Shanghaiist: Um, we're sure you're really interested in new trends within the Chinese gaming industry on display at the 9th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (aka Chinajoy) held in Shanghai over the weekend. After all, there's all sorts of exciting developments about the country's still maturing digital entertainment landscape, which has yet to produce the sort of world-beating entertainment properties regularly featured at game conferences like the Tokyo Game Show, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held annually in Los Angeles.

However, we have little to say on the subject, and unfortunately can only provide as a consolation prize this modest gallery of women (and perhaps at least one or two males, we really can't say for sure) hired for,, we lost our train of thought. We're just going to look at a few more pics to figure out what they were hired for. It'll come to us, we're sure.

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