MediaKick Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

MediaKick: "Some games have something that just clicks from the get-go. It’s the first thing you see, that initial feeling, that first impression, and most importantly, it’s the only thing you need. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet sports a genuinely striking art-style, with crisp visuals and a twisted, alien tone, whilst bringing a truly fantastic gaming experience."

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Yi-Long2608d ago

... but like most 1200 MSP games, I'll wait till it drops to a more respectable price.

JellyJelly2608d ago

Omg. Not this also. Bastion, From Dust and now Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. That's three XBLA games in a row getting perfect review scores. Amazing, but expensive :)

xPhearR3dx2608d ago

I beat it last week, pretty good game. Still need to get the few missing achievements. Exploring the massive world for artifacts is a bitch though.

Perjoss2608d ago

Torchlight 2 is not too far away also, and don't forget Renegade Ops :)

Dread2608d ago

and Crimson Alliance

this summer has been amazing for XboxLive

but dont forget that the 360 has no games...lolz

Perjoss2608d ago

Crimson Alliance??

never heard is this one, did a quick search and watched a couple of gameplay vids and i have to say it looks fantastic!

SkirkRidgeEX2608d ago

I'm glad that this is as good as it looks, and a triumph for the fledgling developer. Just goes to show the industry can still churn out talent in tough times!