Two Worlds Title Update Coming Soon - Demo Hits Xbox Live Tomorrow

Via Ripten:

"Gamers spoke, and SouthPeak Games listened to every word they had to say. In addition to a playable demo that will be hitting XBL tomorrow, the crew at SouthPeak has been hard at work on an update to address the feedback they received from players. We have been told that the update will be available soon, and when it comes down to it, you really can't ask for much more than that."

Ripten has a list of some of the improvements that players can expect to see in the update.

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zornik4051d ago

To late ....i finished the game on Xbox 360 and the game is filled with bugs and gameplay problems.After 2 months they want to release a patch???????????? lame.

DarkSniper4051d ago

It is very unfortunate that Two Worlds was crippled by the 360's hardware limitations. For a system such as Role Playing Games, the XBOX 360 clearly has a massive disadvantage over Sony's platform leading Playstation 3.

I hope the developers realize the error of their ways and release a port of this game to PS3.