The Cartel Holds The Top Spot: Latest UK 360 Charts 1st August

In the 360 charts this week, Call of Jaurez: The Cartel holds onto the top spot. DiRT 3 moves up to second from sixth. And L.A. Noire has moved ten places from thirteenth to third.

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diehardgamer10002608d ago

Lol tht piece shit game? SMFH

monkey nuts2608d ago

What I know being from the uk is this, the cartel and dirt3 have been reduced in price as have most new games. Recently released titles are going for £35 in most retailers. 20% vat is choking new game sales in my opinion.

bumnut2608d ago

I haven't even noticed the change in VAT when it comes to games.

badz1492608d ago

it tops the PS3 charts as well! oh well, this gen, if you're an FPS, no matter how shitty you are, you still got the chance to top charts!