Call of Juarez Still Top: Latest UK PS3 Charts 1st August

In the PS3 charts Call of Juarez: The Cartel has remained it's position at the top of the charts. In second place DiRT 3 has moved up from fourth. L.A. Noire takes third after moving up from eleventh.

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disturbing_flame2461d ago

Call of Juarez is ugly with a bad realization, poor graphics, poor narration quality but guess what it's a FPS so it can top the charts.

This generation is going ridiculous with thos shooters.

zootang2461d ago

So do people still stand by sales = quality??

newleaf2460d ago

Somehow it applies in the forza 3 vs gt 5 arguement though.

maniacmayhem2460d ago

What else is out besides this? Summer time is slow when it comes to gamez.
And is this only in the UK?

BattleAxe2460d ago


This is what I've been saying about HALO the whole time.

BeastlyRig2461d ago

This is like Kane & Lynch 1 sucess all over again..

Heartnet2461d ago

That and you can pick it up real cheap :)

Sugreev20012461d ago

I have no idea why people bought this half-asses piece of crap.It's among the worst shooters this year along with DNF and Homefront.

Darth Stewie2461d ago

Sad to hear this game and Zumba are selling really well in the UK when so many better games are available on the PS3/360/Wii.

ElementX2461d ago

People in the UK always buy crap. Just look at Zamba or whatever topping every week.

hamoor2460d ago

Says the people who bought duke nukem forever -_-

Bodster2460d ago

Nice generalisation... :)

MrDead2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

@ ElementX your a child you know how it works. Its the curse of the middle age woman, kids see the ad for this game on tv (and this game has had a lot of air time)and ask for it and zumba is a faddy workout craze. They control everything thats why xfactor is the number one show and Jeremy Kyle exists.

ElementX2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I'm not a child, I'm a 31yo Minnesotan :) BTW Duke Nukem also topped the chart the week it was released, now Call of Juarez? I may be generalizing, however just look at the top selling games lately.

MrDead2460d ago

Sorry your comment came across as if you where.

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Da_Evil_Monkey2460d ago

Advertising is probably the reason, game advertising (on TV at least) is weak in the UK, but this game was advertised to death; sometimes with more than one ad per set of adverts.

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