Diablo 3 Will Require Players to be Online When Playing

1up: Remember when you first heard stuff like how either Steam or StarCraft 2 require you to be online for authentication purposes? That the process to play or utilize either service offline can be a bit circuitous, but at least it's still possible to be offline. But, Diablo 3 differs in that you must be online to play at all -- not just for authentication.

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NuclearDuke2665d ago

Isn't Diablo 3 Multiplayer only? In that case I don't see the problem with it. If the single-player(if it's there) requires you to be online, that would be some "breach" of previous Blizzard standards.

But hey, they added a dollar store.....wouldn't surprise me today :/

Gran Touring2665d ago

You can play Diablo online and offline.