Diablo III Hands On | Diablo II always makes me think of Family Ties. During the summer that game came out, I woke up early every day just to play it. Early morning network TV isn’t exactly packed with quality content, and since I typically leave a TV on in the background when I’m not playing a super intense game, I ended up watching a lot of Family Ties. Thanks to Diablo II, I now have an inordinate knowledge about the show, which is an odd indicator of just how awesome that game is. It’s so addictive, so fun, and just so damn good that it is now tied to a not-insignificant portion of my life. You probably have a similar story about Diablo, and with Diablo III supposedly on the horizon, it’s natural to wonder if it can possibly live up to an experience like that. After playing it for a few hours, I definitely think it can, even though the game has changed in some substantial ways.

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