Why Not Create a Google Gaming OS?

Yesterday's announcement that Google had partnered with several cell phone companies and cell carriers to create a new Linux-based operating system (OS) that would most likely compete against Apple's iPhone came as a shock as many predicted that the fabled "Gphone" from Google was simply more likely.

Google's push is an interesting one. Since most companies in the competitive cell phone industry normally refuse to get along and since efforts to create a unified cell phone OS under Symbian never really dominated the cell phone market, it took Google to level the playing field.

Google's impossible task of getting a consortium of cell phone companies now complete, can the search giant now help create a one-console future?

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bilal4057d ago

google is now the fifth largest company in US when it comes to market capital....and the way it is going in 2-3 years it would be at the top.....

when it comes to web, google is microsoft's worst nightmare.....often big companies are not good news for public (due to monopolies) ....but the best thing about google is everything they do is free and it cannot be overstated that what they do is really really innovative.. example:

DrPirate4057d ago

I'd rather want Valve to do a SteamOS.

Cat4057d ago

can google create a one-console future? i'd just as soon ask them to fabricate a utopia. and then it can descend into chaos. and then they've created Bioshock. so perhaps not an OS, but at least a game. :P