ARS - Catherine turns infidelity, fear of love into a story-driven puzzle game

ARS - When it comes to moral choices in video games, we usually have almost total control over how our character acts. Games like Mass Effect have trained us to choose between good and evil, and for all the complexity of these games, the choices are usually clear cut and obvious. Do you want to kill someone or let them live? Cure a sickness or let someone die for profit? There's rarely any ambiguity. Then there's Catherine.

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Canary2547d ago

Gotta love the characterization. I figured it'd be easy to choose, but this game really does great job of presenting difficult choices, and making the player think. It's very refreshing.

I haven't been this pleased the the immersive choices of a game since The Witcher. Here's hoping the team takes this experience and uses it to craft an even better next game--I'm up for a new Persona, how 'bout you?

My only real gripe is that the dichotomy is too pronounced. With Persona 3/4, you could choose to spend how much time you spent with each side of the game (battle RPG or life sim): with Catherine, I always feel like I'm being forced to do one thing or another. I'd love to be able to spend more time climbing the tower without being forced into story sequences, and similarly, I'd like to have more freedom with the story segments and more time and stuff to do.

In the last few years, the Persona Team has managed quite a bit, and ranks right up there with Takumi Shu as the most inspired developers in Japan (or the world) right now, and bear close watching in the future.

Though with a name like that, I can only wonder how many of these "side" projects they'll be able to make.