With a price cut confirmed, the 3DS’ real test begins now

SG - Nintendo’s decision to cut the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170, effective immediately, took a lot of us by surprise, but to damn them immediately as consigning the console to the landfill would be to misinterpret what they’re doing. If you recall, the 3DS’ premium price point was our own fault in the first place, because we’d received the console so warmly at E3 in 2010.

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Canary2548d ago

Right. The last 6 months totally didn't count.

...I seem to recall many similar arguments from the playground in 1st grade.

charmer2548d ago

i dont even think the real test begins now....of course the 3ds is going to do great this holiday... the real test comes when the system is actually at least a year old.

Venox20082548d ago

I think that real test begins at the end of this year