Will Crazy PSP Love Become Crazy PSV Love?

SG - The Playstation Portable was born flawed. I know it, you know it and Sony sure as hell knows it. Despite firmware update after firmware update, new model after new model, the PSP is still a flawed system. A flawed system I still love mind you. Sorta like that girl with the mole on her face that is just a little too big to call a beauty mark. Sometimes you over look the flaws to enjoy the rest of the package. No offense to mole people. After six years and five PSPs, I’m faced with the prospect of saying goodbye to my Portable Harem.

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fatalis952490d ago

hmm... cheat on my psp?

remanutd552490d ago

i love my psp go and i have played some very good games in it but Playstation Vita sounds like the experience i've ever wanted on a handheld , 2 analog sticks , full psn integration , friends list , trophies , and more !!!! lets see how everything turns out , im extremely excited for vita to come out !!!

-Mezzo-2489d ago

Pre-Ordered It, Yes My PSP Love Has Already Turned Into PSV Love.

ABizzel12489d ago

It really depends, in Japan I can see the PSV really taking off especially since the PSP is living it up over there.

I hope it does as well in the NA and EU because the device is really, really impressive, and the best handheld from a technological standpoint.

tarbis2489d ago

The only reason PSP do not sell as it should is bec it lacked a varity of things where the PSV succeeds. I for one did not get PSP bec it does not have a 2nd analog. But PSV, I'm getting. =D