Is The Nintendo 3DS Dead?

GamePro - The Nintendo 3DS was the talk of E3 2010. And its first quarter of sales was very impressive, selling over a million units in Japan alone. But when the fervor died down, Nintendo had to keep the momentum going with compelling software. And that is where Nintendo stumbled. You simply can't have a quarter of sales propped up simply by one game: Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While the game sold well, the 3DS itself sold abysmally in the spring quarter, with some estimating only 700k units sold.

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miyamoto2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

This is what you get when you sell your wares to overweight soccer moms & sisters and not to real gamers who care & appreciate the talent, time, money and effort passionately put into a game whether it sells millions or not.

Video games and consoles are not high tech baby pacifiers shoved into children's hands to keep them occupied while parents do their other stuff. Empty promises of weight loss that was all just a facade to lure sales.

Its about time Nintendo learn how to show proper RESPECT to the real gamer and real games.

Never mess with real gamers even the cheap ass ones like me!

Nintendo abandoned the core gamers before with the Wii and DS and now they abandon the casual gamers with the hardcore push by 3DS and Wii U. Where are you going to Nintendo?

I am also looking at you Microsoft with your Kinect.

Canary2612d ago

I have to take a bit of issue with that.

Nintendo did not abandon core gamers with the Wii. They alienated core gamers with a number of very poor hardware and firmware design choices, and with their advertising campaign.

The main betrayals of core gamers are all very recent--screwing over early adopters of the 3DS, not bothering to support the Wii in North America, persisting with their (frankly retarded) archaic stance on digital distribution with the WiiU and 3DS.

And as for Microsoft somehow betraying core gamers... I hate to break it to you, but Microsoft has always focused (almost exclusively) and casual gamers. Maybe not casual games, per se, but Microsoft exists as a gaming company due solely to the casual gamers who were introduced to the medium by games like Halo and Call of Duty.

Your post seems to have plenty of vitriol, but not quite enough understanding of where the gaming industry is today, and why. Your opinion of what casual gamers are is particularly ignorant (insultingly so).

Every gamer starts out as a casual gamer. Reaching out to casual gamers is the only way to maintain the gaming audience, let alone increase it. Kids have the time and disposable income to play games; students and adults have less. Get married, have kids of your own, and you won't have the time to sink 200 hours into an obscure roleplaying or strategy game any more: life takes precedence.

If Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft were not actively trying to appeal to casual gamers, gaming as a medium would atrophy and die. For all this nonsense you spout about being "hardcore," you really out to think more about this hobby of yours.

miyamoto2612d ago

Nothing you wrote makes any logical sense to me.

I have played the classic Nintendo machines:
The NES, SNES & the Gameboy and believe you me they are nothing like the Wii or the DS in their cores yet they were million selling hardcore gaming machines.

These core gaming machines were the foundation of this billion dollar industry. Sony stayed true to the principles of these classic consoles but Nintendo abandoned them for quick cash.

Miyamoto said it himself: the Wii was Nintendo's last gamble.
So they played it safe with repackaged old & cheap hardware & see what will happen.
The main purpose of this was too attract "new kind of gamers" in other words " a new source of cash"... because they lost the "loyal kind of gamers" to the PlayStation brand.

To give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt, yes they needed the cash desperately to come out victorious from the N64 & Gamecube crisis & they did not want to make the same mistake of competing with the PlayStation brand the 3rd time.

They had no choice anyways but to make money. But they made money on the wrong kind of market.

A fickle minded market at that.

And now they abandon their Blue Ocean Strategy by a $250 DS. Greed & Arrogance crept in again.

Its very clear that Nintendo has lost its way chasing after money instead of nurturing the industry & pushing it forward.

About Microsoft, if they are so dedicated to the game, then where the hell are their AAA first party exclusives? All I see aside from Halo are 2nd party & 3rd party games. They are also like Nintendo: where the money is first & game products last.

klecser2611d ago

I think axelstone is having difficulty seeing this through any perspective other than his own. You are not indicative of most gamers. Most gamers ARE casual gamers, whether you are willing to admit that or not. If casual gamers are so "BAD", why did the DS do so well? You also don't have much business sense. Companies are after one thing only: their bottom dollar. A company is a constant balance of "please consumer" and "sell stuff to make a profit". If you honestly think that it is all "please consumer" then you have a lot to learn about business.

matey2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Nintendo havnt even flopped what are u on about the 3ds is selling better than the ds phat did that had to sell at a loss look how the ds ended up nuff said

IRetrouk2612d ago

i dont get the hate, honestly, i bought a 3ds and so far am in love with it, i have 6 games for it and all of them are fun and offer something diffrent, the 3d, when you get used to it is very good, plus all the little extras you get with it are very good, its a very good piece of kit and i hope more people get to experiance it with this price drop.

charmer2612d ago

the 3ds is just about to start exploding off the shelves....all the dead talk are from silly fanboys