Saints Row Dev Undecided On Metacritic Usefulness

NowGamer - Saints Row: The Third producer Greg Donovan thinks hype surrounding Metacritic scores reflects the 'MTV generation'

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Godchild10202611d ago

The best reviews are your own and I know we all can't afford to spend 60 dollars day one but we all have friends and there are ways to play a game before putting the 60 dollar investment in. There is renting and there are enough sites and stores that let you rent games. Most game have demos before they drop, so you also have that, unless you don't have internet. And if you didn't you could be reading this.

In the end, a person can do as they please and my comment is just that, my comment.

LOGICWINS2610d ago

Agreed, every game I own I bought because I enjoyed the demo or enjoyed playing it at a friends house. Theres no reason anyone has to blindly spend $60 on a game these days with demos and gameplay vids on the net.

Godchild10202610d ago

And if you didn't you couldn't be reading this.