Sony handing out free Vita dev kits to indies

VG247: "Sony is pretty serious about its support for independent developers, going so far as to quietly give away Vita development kits to at least one small studio. A spokesperson for Great Little War Game developer Icon Games made a post on NeoGaf saying Sony has a “good attitude towards Indies”."

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miyamoto2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

This only means that Sony has its lesson with the small but many homebrew communities... and Sony is giving them a fighting chances to square off with the big publishing boys!

For an open source Android device, the PS Vita, this is almost as good as letting anybody doing what they want with the hardware and OS but this time with a little bit of control (not like how Apple's strict control over iOS apps).

Free dev kits to indie developers is like:

"Hey everybody, even the hackers jump in. We got the hardware you got the brains; let's make lots of money!"

Could this means thousands of customized apps for us to tinker with on our PS Vita?

MasterCornholio2542d ago

We should see many unique titles due to this. Because its the small devlopers who take the risk with game design.