IGN - Dead Island: Slice and Dice in Paradise

IGN - The opening of Dead Island sees you lurching through throngs of blissed-out partygoers, pawing at them desperately and mumbling incoherently as neon lights blur and swirl around the edges of your vision. But this isn't some unique narrative twist in which you begin the game from the perspective of an infected zombie. The explanation is far less sinister: you're drunk.

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StarWolf2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I was hyped until I realized that the creaters of Call of Jaruqeuz are making this. Also, how are you gonna play a zombie game with points popping up everytime you kill them? Is this an arcade game? My hype has shifted to Resident Evil: Revelation for the 3ds. Hopefully R6 in 2013 is good too. AKA Horror games.