TimeSplitters 4 Wishlist

MMGN writes: Rumours surfaced a few months ago suggesting a new TimeSplitters could be on the way from Crysis 2 developer Crytek, with the title projected as a possible launch game for any Xbox 360 successor.

Crytek was quick to squash those rumours, but the rumour section of Official PlayStation Magazine has revealed that a new TimeSplitters game may very well be on the way, with the magazine claiming a fourth game is to be announced soon.

If the rumours are true, what can be expect from the fourth title in the popular FPS series, and what should be included?

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hiredhelp2519d ago

If the rumours are true, what can be expect from the fourth title in the popular FPS series,

You can expect a day 1 sale from me. loved every single timesplitters.
thoe 1 and 2 more close to my heart.

Gaetano2519d ago

Me too. God damn I loved TS2 so much. FP too.

hiredhelp2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

TOTALLY. love the unlocks if you can do it in best time. reminded me soo much of goldeneye. by rare witch is funny cos the dev team free radical was once apart of RARE. witch have since split gone there seperate ways, Rare gone with MS. And free radical have been taken on with crytek. witch was the best part of rare team.
there you go bit knowledge for you. ;)

Tachyon_Nova2519d ago

That isnt quite how it worked, but your mostly right. Rare was never part of Free Radical or vis versa, but some of the key people on Timesplitters development left Rare to join Free Radical, and many of those guys remain now that Crytek owns them.

hiredhelp2518d ago

Yeh im not the best at explaining myself nor am i good speller or at grammer. even at 33 so do forgive me
. but i was mearly trying to state lol free radical did have SOME" of the team who was with RARE.
never knew the reason for the split. but from what i can tell RARE. who now with MS. really what have they done few games remade some n64 game too. i feel the talent was free radical.

and thanks to crytek for taking on some if not all the team.
when they lost there jobs to help crytek learn the console line so they can choose that path as well as the pc.
i think was the best move cos crytek are awsome devs only do good games.
CRYTEKUK or CRYUK im not sure but eaither way there still kicking using there talents. another timesplitters made by these guys would put a huge smile on m face.

also glad to see another follower that have known about RARE n64
and free radicle. followed them up. bubbles to you.