Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review - writes: Once in a while a series will rise from mediocrity to truly surprise an unexacting audience with a bold new change, something that cements its place as a trend setter. Call of Juarez: The Cartel is not one of those occasions, leaving a bad taste in your mouth that no amount of toothpaste can seem to remove.

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Gaetano2613d ago

Argh, terrible game. Thanks for the video review.

hellerphant2613d ago

It doesn't get much worse than this. The other games were acceptable because of their unique setting. This game ruins that.

dinkeldinkse2613d ago

I haven't seen any review better than 6.

Tachyon_Nova2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

It's around 50 at the moment for all platforms. Xbox 360 version is at 47 based on 41 critics with the highest score a 65 from Cynamite. Interestingly the user score is a bit higher at 57. PlayStation 3 version is rated slightly higher at 48/100 with the highest score again 65/100 this time from GamingXP. PS3 fans seem to like it more though, user score is a not completely terrible 67/100, but it is skewed by 2 10/10 reviews which are spam for some wholesaler...

On a slightly irrelevant note, people are really dumb with their hate of IGN. I watched their user review on youtube and so many people were slamming them for giving the game a 4.5/10, arguing that it was clearly worth a 7/10, even bringing in the old "if it isn't CoD then IGN don't like it" argument. Once again though, it turns out the IGN score is more or less the average.

hellerphant2613d ago

I hate CoD and I still gave this a 4.0/10 - you can't polish a turd my friend and this is one crap heap.

Grimhammer002613d ago

I platted CoJ the Cartel....and it's at worst a 6/10.
If you based a review like you do a book or movie, it'd clearly be a 7/10.

Does it function as designed- yes
Is the story coherent and voice acted well- yes
Are guns fun to use and enemies die satifactorily-yes

Does mp play with minimal lag-yes
Is mp persistent with unlocks, skins & unique lobby system- yes

Is the game perfect- hell no!
Draw distance is filtered poorly, stutter occasionally during hectic moments-yes
Story told poorly-yes

Problem with reviews other than it's all just an that often a game gets measured to another...but, seldom on the merits that it set for itself.

CoJ the Cartel....I enjoyed it, mp was fun & story was like a Michael Mann film meets a western feel. The western feel is permeated through the whole, its a western.

But it isn't pretty as a kz3 or as polished as a Halo...but, I'd hive it a 7/10.

Tachyon_Nova2613d ago

How is whether or not the guns are fun to use anything but an opinion?

hellerphant2613d ago

I did not compare this game to any other when I made my judgement - other than the previous titles in the series of course. The idea of a sequel to build upon an existing brand and better it, this iteration of the series did no such thing.

How you can say that the voice acting was good is beyond me - the character performances were entirely one dimensional, although it didn't help that the dialogue was abysmal.

It is a bad game - it's only redeeming features are the selection of weapons and solid combat and 3 player co-op - features that simply cannot carry a game with a $80 price tag here in Australia.