New Game Releases - August 2011

GxC: "Here’s a list of your most notable retail store releases for the month of August. Not too many games to choose from but some real heavy hitters will be in there such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Madden 12."

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Bigpappy2610d ago

Deus ex is all that matters o the list. I know that madden will sell also.

Grimhammer002610d ago

El Shaddai & Deus Ex ....and bodycount!
That's all I'm interested in.

Though I can't shake the feeling that El Shaddai is not a $60 game.

SageHonor2610d ago

Deux Ex human Revolution
No More Heroes Paradise

SageHonor2610d ago

Bleach: Soul Resurrección looks fun also

banjadude2610d ago

Maybe Persona 2 and No More Heroes, but for sure I'm getting Deus Ex (importing the collector's edition).

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