3DS: 4 Months To Live – Consumer Confidence in New Tech Shaky?


"Speaking in a press conference last week, Satoru Iwata revealed many things about the 3DS as a whole, Nintendo, and many other things.

Chiefly, he spoke of how the 3DS is selling far from the expected target and the result of which has been “drastic measures.” From what his words imply, the 3DS has four months to make or break its place in history.

While this news may be a joy to some, it’s a downfall for many, including myself. Do consumers really not want new technology?
Are we not ready to embrace the future, even though we so desperately desire it?"

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BadCircuit2609d ago

I think we are just jaded...We wait and see. Too many gimmicks out there now.

longcat2609d ago

i dont see nintendo dropping it after 8 months. No way.

after 2 years, maybe. But if u drop a console after 8 months, then you are effectively leaving the market for good as noone will trust you again.

Given that all games must be playable without 3d, it would be possible to get a cheaper model that drops the feature completely.

Canary2609d ago

Vita has any more gimmicks.

It's quite clear that neither Sony nor Nintendo have any idea what they want their platforms to be, and just want to toss in as many gimmicks as they can, hoping that they'll get lucky with something as innovative and popular as the DS's touch screen, somehow managing to ignore the fact that the Wii's own motion-control "gimmick" ended up being largely ignored.

The problems with the 3DS are several.

For the core gamers:
1) High price point
2) Poor current library & lackluster future line-up
3) Poor advertising (don't market it as a "3D DS," market it as an "HD DS!"

For the casual gamers:
1) High price point
2) Poor advertising (show off the AR Games! Casuals love that ****!)
3) No Mario. This is an absurdly huge deal for casual gamers.

BadCircuit2609d ago

I wouldn't say the Wii was largely ignored. It sold really really well, but gamers were disappointed with a lack of 'core' games and it is now not selling well.

gaminoz2609d ago

I do agree with his points about the 3DS though: Nintendo didn't do all they could with it.

Proeliator2609d ago

Personally, I think it was destined to fail... the Virtual Boy was trying to tell Nintendo 3D can't be successful so many years ago!

MasterCornholio2608d ago

Err the Virtua boy failed mainly because of its lack of portability and its horrid red graphics.

gaminoz2609d ago

3D looked cool to begin with but the combination of bad publicity on the health front (can't use it longer than 20 min) and lack of games really hit it hard.

Who cares about 3D anyway!

Proeliator2609d ago

Everyone except Microsoft, apparently. :P

axisofweevils2609d ago

You can use it for longer than 20 mins.
I play mine in full 3d, slider up to max, for extended periods - sometimes longer than 2 hours.

The Wii kept telling people take a break every 30 minutes too. Most ignored it.

BadCircuit2609d ago

Nintendo itself warns not to play it longer than 20 mins and for kids not to play it at all...

Belgavion2609d ago

I predict a Wii U drop within 3 months

BadCircuit2609d ago

Do you mean drop as in abandoning it?

axisofweevils2609d ago

They're not going to abandon a new console after all that research and development they put into it. The original DS had a shaky start too. They mentioned four months because that's the date of the next financial review.

BadCircuit2609d ago

Hopefully they just get some more good 3rd party games out there.

gaminoz2609d ago

We need a strong Nintendo. Hopefully they bounce back soon. But they need to get 3rd party devs and not just rely on Mario and friends.

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